Office, retail project to go up at I-10, Campbell

June 22, 2017

The Stoller Group partners with Ersa Grae Corp. to break ground on a 5-story building set to open in 2015

The Stoller Group‘s recent ground breaking of a new office and retail building in Spring Valley ushers in a frenzy of development that a city official said will boost tax revenues and improve the quality of life.

Spring Valley Village, as the project is called, is a five-story building encompassing four floors of office space and 14,000 square-feet on the ground floor for retail and restaurants.

Spring Valley City Councilman Marcus Vajdos said the development would add more than $50,000 a year to the city’s coffers and will offer eating options within walking or cycling distance for residents.

“It’s nice to see something happening there again,” Vajdos said referring to the site, which has sat vacant for the past eight years.

The Stoller Group, which develops and sells plant performance products, partnered with real estate development and management firm Ersa Grae Corp. to construct and manage the building, located at the northeast corner of the Katy Freeway and Campbell Road.

The building will allow the company to consolidate such entities as StollerUSA, Stoller International, Stoller Enterprises and its nonprofit the Stoller Foundation and bring the 75 or so employees under one roof.

The Stoller Group will occupy at least two floors, while the rest of the space will be leased.

“Our goal is to create a collaborative, creative atmosphere where we can work as a united team to analyze the needs of our nation’s crop producers and provide them with the innovative solutions they need to feed the world’s growing population,” founder and president Jerry Stoller said.

Stoller said as the company continues to grow and expand its global reach, the move, slated for October 2015, will allow them to communicate more effectively between teams and organizations and produce new innovations more efficiently.

Stoller said it was just as important to have the foundation he set up under the same roof. The foundation funds and supports Christ-centered ministries that mobilize volunteers into serving others. It is also involved with Nabor House Community, which provides child care for women in poverty in the Houston area.

The Stoller project is the first of four commercial real estate projects approved by City Council for the city’s southern border along the westbound feeder road of the Katy Freeway. A similar six-story office building will be built across the street from Spring Valley Village, and a third commercial building and a medical building are in the works.

Vajdos acknowledged there would be an increase in traffic with the Spring Valley Village and the other projects but said much of the traffic will pour onto the feeder road of the freeway.

“Three and half years ago we set a goal to get more commercial property going, and now we’re doing it,” Vajdos said.

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